Spain & Portugal Travel Tips

This post is by one of our travelers, Lauren.

For our Spain / Portugal travelers, here is a quick top list of what to pack for Spain in May:

1)   Comfortable shoes!  We do a lot of walking and cobblestones can wreck havoc on heels.  Even flip flops aren’t always the best choice for long days.  Choose something with support that can go the distance.


2)   Layered clothing – Having a variety of sleeve lengths can help with adjusting temperatures throughout the day.

3)   Clothing that can multi-task – Choosing clothes you can wear more than once will help keep your suitcase nimble and with plenty of room for souvenirs!  For women, long flowy skirts, cotton dresses, or sleeveless blouses can be worn both day and night.  For men, khakis or long sleeve button ups can be worn in a variety of atmospheres.

4)   A good day bag – Either a large purse or satchel to keep key items.  Please note that this bag should be very secure with zippers.  Unfortunately, in Spain, we must be very prudent.

5)   Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat – The Mediterranean sun is quite strong!

6)   Any medicines you typically might need – They will be available at a pharmacy of course, but typically it is good to pack a Benadryl, a few Advil, a few Pepto tablets, etc. that you may already have a supply of at home….for if the need arises.

7)   Bubble wrap & ziploc bags – In case you buy a lovely wine or port or breakable item to bring home, bubble wrap can be handy to add as a filler to your suitcase.  Ziploc bags add security to olive oils and liquids.   Otherwise, if you forget – – your dirty clothes can make excellent packing material.

8)   Earplugs – Typically, most people do not need them.  But in case you have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, these can work wonders.

9)   Conditioner – Many women need conditioner which most hotels do not provide.  Pack it if it’s a necessity.

10) Travel Journal & a pen – Many people find this a great way to keep track of their journey.  Leave space if you’d like to tape restaurant business cards or tickets later.


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